Saturday, July 28, 2012

Play Game Ninja Saga at Facebook

Hi guys let's see about Ninja saga

Play Ninja Saga
Ninja saga is Online game that you can play at or And This Game Have Beta and Alpha Version , I think alpha Version is best Cause Beta Version Is to Big So You Need To Wait If you want to play the beta Version!!

Character Ninja Saga

Character Ninja saga : You can create your Own Char If Gift Name to your character select your char profile and more , after that Click Play!!


Mission Ninja saga : You Can Got Mission From Kage Room This is Specification :

Special Event : Level 1 - Maximum level
Grade A :  40+
Grade C: 20 - 39
Grade B: 1 - 19
if i'm not Wrong That's A right Grade!!

But Make sure You Not playing to much or you will be like this

hahahahaha lol!

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